is an open-source research and insights program that allows its community to engage in quality market research to interrogate the major environmental and social issues that we face.

The program is building a body of knowledge that fuels conversation, action and behaviour change in all areas of society, led by businesses using it to support their own programs of action.

The program surveys more than 1,000 Australians each month, gathering their feedback on 30+ critical issues against a framework of attitudes, current behaviour and potential solutions — and offering insight into how businesses and individuals can begin to make the changes our society wants to see.

Become a Catalyst Guest Analyst 

You are invited to become a leading voice in the conversation, and a force for good.

Catalyst is partnering with industry experts, thought leaders, and change makers to take on the role of Guest Analyst. Your voice will guide the conversation about the important insights that Catalyst brings to light.


What you receive

  • As a Catalyst Guest Analyst, you will have the opportunity to propose questions for inclusion in the study.
  • Questions can be about social and environmental issues — those tracked in the study, or outside that list.
  • The Catalyst team will review submitted questions, and a selection will be included in the program each month
  • If your suggestions are included in the Catalyst research, you will gain full access to the detailed results from respondents, free of charge.


What we ask in return

  • As a Catalyst Guest Analyst, you'll be expected to analyse and help us promote the findings from your questions. That usually means writing up the results and turning it into a thought leadership blog post or article, but your analysis can be in any form that helps promote the findings and the Catalyst program. 
  • You can use the Catalyst data as the sole data source in your analysis or combine it with other information sources to flesh out your point of view.  
  • Your analysis will be attributed to you, and promoted as part of the Catalyst program.
  • Once we release your analysis, we ask that you share it with your various audiences and networks, for example on LinkedIn. We will do the same via Catalyst's website and social channels and, if appropriate, via PR.  

Expressions of Interest

If you are interested in becoming a Guest Analyst then please register your interest below and we'll be in touch.

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