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2023 US Brand Sustainability Benchmark Report

Food & Grocery Industry

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Sustainability attracts. 

One in four US consumers say they've changed F&G brands recently based on sustainability credentials. 

Consumer behavior and expectations are changing. While quality, value and price still matter, consumers increasingly want (and expect) those things without companies harming the planet, human beings or our communities.

And they are increasingly voting with their wallets.  Are you reaping the rewards of this changing behavior? 

This landmark report will reveal the critical environmental, social and governance (ESG) areas F&G brands must address, validate how  sustainability supports brand growth and demonstrate how the leading brands are capturing hearts and minds.   

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ESG action is a necessity! Not a nice-to-have.

The 2023 US Consumer ESG Benchmark Report – Food & Grocery is based on the opinions of over 21,000 respondents about more than 150 Food & Grocery brands, captured using Glow’s unique Social Responsibility Score (SRS) methodology. The results send a very clear message: ESG action is a necessity. 

Register for our benchmark report to learn how the leading brands are using sustainability to drive business growth. 

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The report enables you to answer critical questions, including:

  • What is important to your customers in relation to ESG/sustainability issues?
  • What is the scale of risk or opportunity for your brand based on ESG/sustainability perceptions? 
  • Which brands are winning and why?
  • Where should you focus your ESG efforts and communications to impact consumer perception? 
  • What does your specific audience expect? And how does that differ from other demographic groups?
  • Where should your brand communicate its ESG messages to maximize impact?


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2023 US Consumer ESG Benchmark Report. Food & Grocery Industry.

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