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ESG/Sustainability risk & opportunity

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Data to support the business case for sustainability.

Consumers are switching food and grocery (F&G) brands based on sustainability considerations, but this sales effect has been hard for businesses to quantify.  

Materiality assessments usually focus on specific stakeholder interviews but this can't provide a specific ROI in terms of sales. And actual consumer behavior and sales data have been hard to access. 

New data from over $1 Trillion in consumer expenditure on food and grocery brands combined with multiple research studies shows a link between sustainability and both switching and brand revenue growth. This means that if your brand is seen to be lagging behind in sustainability, the threat of consumers switching to other brands is high. On the other hand, if your brand is leading in sustainability, there's a huge opportunity to capitalize on this trend. 

This data provides a method to quantify the potential impact of sustainability action (or risk of inactivity) on business performance. 

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SRS Risk Report Report Example

The report contains:

  • Brands under measurement:
    • Consumer perception score (SRS) benchmarked against industry
    • Brand position  - leading, following, lagging
    • Potential revenue impact of position  
  • Brand not under measurement:
    • Potential revenue impact of position based on performance range benchmarks
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