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The value of sustainability-driven brand switching for 12 U.S. industries


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The $44 Billion Sustainability Opportunity

New research reveals a $44 billion impact across 12 U.S. industries due to consumers switching brands for sustainability reasons. Find out the size of the sustainability prize for your industry and discover insights like:  

  • How much does sustainability matter today? Uncover variations across different consumer groups.
  • Is sustainability gaining or losing ground? Explore the driving forces and barriers fueling this transformation.
  • What is the value? Learn the value of sustainability-driven brand switching in each industry.
  • What’s left to do? Identify barriers hindering more sustainable consumer behavior within specific industries.
  • How to reach consumers? Explore how media channels influence consumer perceptions of sustainability.
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Watch the on-demand webinar to dig into the key findings and methodology of this research.

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Grounded in real data

The report is based on responses from over 3,000 U.S. consumers, providing insight into decision-making processes across 12 diverse industries combined with data linking sustainability to sales growth.  

Who this report is for

Consumer Brands:

  • CEOs
  • Sustainability specialists
  • Insights professionals & Analysts
  • Marketing & corporate communications professionals

Advisors & Agencies:

  • Advisory businesses providing ESG transformation consulting services

  • Progressive marketing and advertising agencies