Social & Environmental issues data.

Every month we release valuable new data and reports showcasing the opinions of Australian consumers on more than 30 social and environmental issues. This data is designed to help businesses understand these issues as input into their CSR/ESG strategies.  By signing up below, you will be able to access all the historical Catalyst reports and public data. 

How often is the data released

  • Every month we make fresh data available through a combination of reports and interactive data dashboards.

What does the data cover

  • Sentiment about 30+ social and environmental issues tracked over time 
  • Deep dives into specific issues addressing
    • current consumer attitudes and behaviour
    • consumer intentions - purchase and investment 
    • expectations of businesses - what issues they should address
    • expectations of businesses - what actions they should be taking   
  • Ideas and opportunities to positively impact specific issues 


Who this report is for

  • Boards and ESG investors
  • C-suite executives and industry leaders
  • Sustainability managers
  • Marketing and brand leaders


In recent reports


  • Top issues
  • Climate change sentiment post COP26
  • The unaffordability of housing and why
  • Ethical Investing for the future



  • Top issues
  • Climate change in focus
  • Expectations of Government action
  • Environmental policies consumers support
  • Who should lead the charge on encouraging Government action

  • Top issues
  • What issues specific industries must address
  • Vaccinations & access to public spaces
  • Travel aspirations - where we want to go when we can
  • Ethical sourcing influence on day to day purchase behaviour

  • Ethical sourcing as a driver of source of capital from investors  
  • The misinformation problem and how to solve it



  • Top issues
  • Are we a racist nation?
  • Australian Made matters
  • Investing for the future
  • Vaccination intentions
  • Will lockdown linger into 2022?
  • Mental wellbeing - are we really ok? 

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