Social & Environmental issues data.

We regularly release valuable new data and reports showcasing the opinions of Australian, British and/or American consumers on more than 30 social and environmental issues. This data is designed to help businesses understand these issues as input into their CSR/ESG/sustainability strategies.  By signing up below, you will be able to access all the historical Catalyst reports and public data.

What does the data cover

  • Sentiment about 30+ social and environmental issues tracked over time via a 'sparkline' that measures the most pressing issues in the minds of consumers 
  • Deep dives into specific issues addressing
    • current consumer attitudes and behaviour
    • consumer intentions - purchase and investment 
    • expectations of businesses - what issues they should address
    • expectations of businesses - what actions they should be taking   
  • Ideas and opportunities to positively impact specific issues 

Who the data is for

  • Boards and ESG investors
  • C-suite executives and industry leaders
  • Sustainability managers
  • Marketing and brand leaders


Note - As of May 2022, all the latest Catalyst reports and interactive data dashboards as well as key historical assets are  available via free sign-up to the Glow platform using the link below.

 If you have any specific questions for the Catalyst team, get in touch via

Catalyst reports on Glow platform

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