Prove the value
of your sustainability efforts

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Sustainability matters to your stakeholders. 

Investors demand it, employees desire it and consumers choose it. In the long run, your business success depends on it.

Social Responsibility Score (SRS) allows you to measure your sustainability performance

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SRS captures what people think.

SRS provides a reliable and consistent method of capturing people's perceptions of a brand. This allows brands to measure their performance across various stakeholders, from consumers to employees. Additionally, SRS enables benchmarking across different brands, categories, markets, and time periods, and has been proven to align with business outcomes.

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Shift perception, drive revenue.  

An improvement in consumer perception, as measured by SRS, has been proven to align with revenue growth.

How you are perceived really matters. 

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Custom data demo

In a 30 minute meeting we'll demonstrate how SRS data can help improve the ROI on your sustainability efforts.   

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Benchmark data currently available for the UK, USA and Australia.  SRS system can be deployed in 64 markets.  

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Identify risk and unlock opportunity.  

  • Identify the $ value of ESG risk or opportunity

  • Build the business case for ESG

  • Align strategy with stakeholder needs, so efforts create more impact 

  • Identify opportunities for growth

  • Prove the value of existing ESG investments

  • Inform category management

  • Pre-test new products, programs or comms

  • Benchmark progress against peers or markets    

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Built for purpose.

The SRS system has been built specifically for ESG measurement over more than two years based on over 3 million brand interviews in 3 markets, across 15 categories about more than 700 brands. 

The metric has been validated across multiple studies to align with key business indicators including brand trust and revenue growth using over $1Trn in sales data.

SRS solutions

  • SRS Product Benchmark
    Establish baseline brand performance & $ risk.
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  • SRS Product Evaluate
    Identify the opportunities or threats against your competition.
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  • Tile-Product_Custom Research-2
    Pre-test or optimize programs, products or communications.
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  • SRS-Product_Track
    Understand response to your actions, or those of competitors.
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Glow is trusted by progressive brands to power their decision making

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SRS is powered by research technology company Glow

Glow provides high quality market research fast by combining a powerful software platform with access to over 110 million consumers worldwide, supported by research experts as needed.