Assess & track consumer perception of your brand's social and environmental (ESG) performance

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Consumers are taking greater care in choosing who they buy from.

Consumers are increasingly looking at more than the quality and price of the product or service you provide – they’re looking at your impact on the planet, how staff and suppliers are treated, whether your business supports its community and if it is a good corporate citizen.

More than 1 in 4 consumers, across every category, say they've recently changed products based on ESG considerations.

Consumers already have an opinion about your brand. The question is whether it is winning or losing you customers. 

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Data currently available for brands in the UK, USA and Australia.  

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Diagnostic drivers

SRS  is supported by a robust diagnostic framework based on 13 validated drivers that capture perception of a brand's environmental credentials, commitment to social responsibility and operational transparency and progressiveness.  

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Who can benefit from knowing their SRS? 

Social Responsibility Score is for progressive organisations who want to help their customers and communities. 

SRS data can be used by C-suite, insights, sustainability and marketing teams to make informed decisions and discover ways to have greater impact for customers, communities and the planet. 

testimonial Dion  Brogan Copy
Sherry Frey
testimonial Dion  Brogan Copy
Glow’s ESG program has provided us with fresh and powerful insights into consumer perceptions of our ESG performance that will influence not only our program communications strategy but also our investment approach.
Dion Brogan
Senior Consumer Insights Manager, ANZ
Sherry Frey
Personal values and lifestyle preferences are driving consumer behavior today more than ever. Upto now it's been hard for brands to easily assess the impact of this more holistic decision making, so we look forward to working with our Connected Partner Glow to introduce our clients to a new metric that does just that...It captures consumer perception of a brand’s ESG performance relative to competitors and can be used to help set ESG strategy or optimize current investments. It is an important metric for any business committed to doing better for people and the planet.
Sherry Frey
VP Total Wellness, NielsenIQ
Consumers are increasingly inclined to consider social responsibility and sustainability values when choosing brands. This means brands both have to walk the talk, and communicate those values effectively in their marketing. Glow's Social Responsibility Score gives us insight into which brands are doing this well and enables us to track how well brands we work with are communicating their values. It's an invaluable data asset.
Phil Benedictus
CEO Benedictus Media (Climate Comms Champion 2021)

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