Identify opportunities or threats against your competition

SRS Product Evaluate

SRS Diagnostic identifies sustainability driven opportunities or threats and the reasons why so action can be taken

SRS Product_Evaluate

Answer questions including:

  • What ESG issues are the most important to consumers in this industry / category? How do I perform in these key areas versus my competitors? 
  • Are my programs the right ones? Where is my biggest opportunity? 
  • Which competitor is my biggest threat and what is driving their success? 
  • Are my target audiences aware of my efforts? Are they responding as desired?
  • Where should I focus to improve perceptions and attract customers?

Consumer brands, advisors and retailers can use SRS Diagnostic to inform program development or optimization. 

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Custom data demo

In a 30 minute meeting we'll demonstrate how SRS data can help you get a better return on your sustainability efforts.   Fill in the form now to book a data demo. 

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Benchmark data currently available for the UK, USA and Australia.  SRS system can be deployed in 64 markets.  


SRS solutions

  • SRS Product Benchmark
    Establish baseline brand performance & $ risk.
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  • SRS Product Evaluate
    Identify the opportunities or threats against your competition.
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  • Tile-Product_Custom Research-2
    Pre-test or optimize programs, products or communications.
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  • SRS-Product_Track
    Understand response to your actions, or those of competitors.

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