Social Responsibility matters.

This inaugural Australian food and grocery industry social and environmental responsibility report is the first industry report published that combines data from the open-source Catalyst program with commercial data from Glow. 

This detailed 20+page report introduces Catalyst, highlights the big issues that Australians want prioritised, and sheds light on the areas that food and grocery companies should be assessing when considering their corporate social responsibility programs and the initiatives they get behind.

It provides a simple framework for success that enables businesses to pinpoint issues, understand current behaviour and identify opportunities for action.

Key out-takes

  • Food and grocery ranks #1 of 30 industries when it comes to social and environmental responsibility
  • Top issues for food and grocery to focus on include plastic and packaging waste and ethical sourcing 
  • Consumer perceptions of Social Responsibility impact purchase behaviour
  • Social responsibility is measurable via a new metric, Social Responsibility Score.  


What's in the report

  • Key issues for Australian consumers in general
  • Issues that consumers think food and grocery manufacturers and brands should focus on addressing
  • The social responsibility score (SRS) for the food and grocery industry versus peer industries
  • SRS for example FMCG brands
  • Action framework for leveraging social responsibility insights
  • Links to explore the data first hand


Who this report is for

  • Boards and ESG investors
  • C-suite executives and industry leaders
  • Sustainability managers
  • Innovation and packaging leads
  • Marketing and brand leaders



Access the report now.

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