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Knowing your Social Responsibility Score (SRS) shows you where you stand in relation to your competitors and your industry.

It will show you when you’re at risk of losing customers, the areas you’re performing well in and ways to improve perception over time.

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What does SRS look at?

  • icon_environment
    Environmental impact
    Looks at whether consumers believe your brand is reducing emissions and climate change impact, protecting wildlife and ecosystems, reducing plastic and correctly managing waste, respecting and protecting natural resources.
  • icon_social
    Social responsibility
    Examines consumer opinions about caring for their health and wellbeing, contributing to the community, supporting education and employment programmes, giving to charities and helping others.
  • icon_operate
    How you operate
    Sees if consumers think your brand acts transparently and honestly, is an inclusive and fair employer, takes supplier welfare into consideration, cares for its customers, and consistently does the ‘right thing’ in all situations.
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Who can benefit from knowing their SRS? 

We designed our Social Responsibility Score to help progressive organisations who want to help their customers and communities. 

This data can be used by C-suite, insights, sustainability and marketing teams to make informed decisions and discover ways to have an even greater positive impact for their customers, their communities and the planet. 

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